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What’s the Difference Between a Dentist and an Orthodontist?

What’s the Difference Between a Dentist and an OrthodontistA dentist is similar to your family doctor – great for check-ups and filling cavities. An orthodontist is a specialist who has two to three years of additional education, and is an expert in straightening your teeth and choosing the treament option that’s best for you.

Understanding Your Options
There are a lot of treatment options these days, from retainers to clear aligners to invisible, metal, ceramic and micro braces. They each have their uses. Orthodontists have the specialized knowledge to consider all possibilities, based on variables like your age, possible jaw imbalances, differences in the size of your teeth, and more. They know what to use and when to use it, and will work with you to make the best decision – for your best smile.

Why Orthodontics?
Everyone wants a great smile, and your orthodontist is a specialist in making your smile the best it can be. Straight teeth not only look good, they also give you a good bite. Your upper and lower teeth fit together the way they should, so it’s easier to bite, chew and speak.

A great smile helps you feel better and more confident. It can literally change how people see you – at work and in your personal life. To see how much better your smile can be, call Wigal Orthodontics and schedule a consultation.

7 Reasons Why You Should Get Orthodontic Treatment

To Have the Best and Healthiest Smile You Can Have.
Get it by relying on orthodontists’ expertise, which comes from their extensive education. After graduating from dental school, orthodontists go on for another two or more years of education just in orthodontics at an accredited orthodontic residency program. Only after this formal education can one be called an orthodontist. Only orthodontists are accepted for membership in the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). Selecting a member of the AAO for orthodontic care is the public’s assurance that they are selecting an orthodontist.

To Both Feel Good and Look Good.
With care from an orthodontist, you have an expert who has been educated to understand how your teeth, your jaws and your facial muscles all work together. A healthy mouth contributes to your overall good health. Your appearance gets a boost, too.

To Get the Specialized Treatment You Deserve.
You trust your heart to a cardiologist, your skin to a dermatologist, your knees to an orthopedist. Like these specialists who study their specialty areas after their general medical education, orthodontists devote additional years of study to orthodontics after they graduate from dental school. And like their medical counterparts, orthodontists limit their practices to their specialty area.

To Get Your Bite Right.
Your bite is a complex biologic system. Its components include up to 32 teeth, upper and lower jaws, gums and facial muscles. Your healthy bite is the orthodontists goal. The goal is met by making sure the separate elements are positioned for optimal performance. You enjoy the ability to bite, chew and speak well.

To Solve the Problem.
You may see six crooked front teeth. The orthodontist sees the cause of crooked teeth in three dimensions. Orthodontists use their education, experience and expertise to delve deep to discover the root of your orthodontic problem. Armed with a diagnosis that takes all factors into account, orthodontists can plan your solution-one that delivers a healthy, attractive smile and a lasting result.

To Recommend the Right Treatment for You
There are a lot of treatment options these days, from clear aligners to modern braces. They each have their uses, but only an orthodontist has the specialized knowledge to identify and plan for all the variables in your mouth. Orthodontists take your unique needs and wishes into consideration, too, when recommending the right treatment option for you.

To Address the Big Picture.
Sure, you want a dazzling smile. Your orthodontist wants that for you, too-and treatment results that last. You deserve the best-a good bite and a healthy, beautiful smile. Consult an AAO-member orthodontist for your life, your health, your happiness, your smile.

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