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The Advantage of Having a Nurse as Your Massage Therapist 

The Advantage of Having a Nurse as Your Massage Therapist Nurses care for their patients by tracking their vital signs, dispensing medications, charting their progress and administering treatments.  An age-old treatment which is gaining new respect in the healthcare field is massage.  According to the Mayo Clinic, studies have determined massage reduces pain, stress and muscle tension, and may help many other disorders, including digestive disorders, fibromyalgia and anxiety.  Combining massage therapy with nursing is increasingly common.  Brenda Brown is one example of a nurse who became a massage therapist.

Brenda owns her own private practice in Bexley, OH providing Medical and Therapeutic massage therapies. As a Registered Nurse and a Licensed Massage Therapist, Brenda has comprehensive education and experience that combines traditional medical knowledge with advanced medical and therapeutic  bodywork modalities. This unique combination enables her to work with people facing a wide variety of specific medical and physical challenges.

The individual, direct care aspect of massage therapy maintains the connection of health and healing that Brenda enjoyed in the nursing profession.

Brenda is certified in Therapeutic/Medical Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Fertility Massage by Claire Miller of Nurturing the Mother.  She did her LaStone hot training with the founder of hot rock, Mary Nelson.  Also, certified as a Massage Doula by Judith Koch and trained as a Craniosacral Therapist by Athena Jezik who attended Upledger Institute.  Brenda worked as Mother/Infant Nurse at Ohio Health for eleven years.  This experience aided greatly in her understanding and practice of fertility massage and utilizing its benefits for mom and baby.

Further, her practice serves patients coping with a wide variety of Pain Management needs, including injuries, sports injuries, musculoskeletal and postural dysfunctions, pre and post-surgical edema and discomfort, headaches, migraines, neck pain, ankle pain, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, tarsal tunnel, rotator cuff, etc.  In addition to helping individuals cope with pain management needs, Brenda also offers spa massages to relax the mind and body, along with holistic massages. And if you don’t have time for an hour massage, Brenda offers 20 minute chair massages.  These 20 minutes chair massages can be beneficial for anxiety, depression and withdrawal from addiction.

Brenda says, “I have enjoyed 21 years of endless training, practice and care of my clients by offering results as a norm (not an exception) and I am preparing my table hopefully for you. A Nurse Massage Therapist blends the thoroughness of the nursing process and intuitive somatic intelligence of massage to further the natural inroad for massage and the healthcare world.”

Brenda Brown, RN, LMT, LLC
Nurse Massage Therapist