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Pain does not discriminate.  It affects anyone and everyone at some point in time.  In America, approximately 100 million individuals are inflicted with chronic pain.  In fact, for individuals 65 and above, 50% experience chronic pain.  Pain comes in all types and severities, such as acute, chronic, neuropathic, nociceptive, visceral, and somatic.  Regardless of the type or severity, unmanaged pain …

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“Are Oral Devices to Treat Sleep Apnea just the Flavor of the Month?”

By Dr. Kevin Stock DDS Last week I had a patient in for a consultation about perhaps using an oral device to treat her sleep apnea.  She explained how many of her friends were now wearing an oral appliance instead of the C-PAP machines that they couldn’t tolerate.  She mentioned during the consultation that she was curious if these oral …

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Let’s Face It: Your Face Doesn’t Have to Reveal Your Age

By Dr. Russell Imboden “Beauty is only skin deep” is a phrase we often hear; however, it may not always be the phrase we want to hear. It’s no secret that, at some point as we grow older, we will all search to find that legendary fountain of youth. Whether it’s in a lotion, a bottle, a kit, or serum, …

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Missouri Poison Prevention

By Missouri Poison Center Kids are back in school. Cold and flu season is here. Holidays are just around the corner. Here are some tips to help your family prevent poisonings this season. BACK TO SCHOOL AND ART SUPPLIES School staff and parents should both be familiar with the school’s medication policy. Do not send medication in your child’s sports …

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What is Professional Addiction Treatment?

Short Definition of Addiction: Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these circuits leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations. Like other chronic diseases, addiction often involves cycles of relapse and remission. Without treatment or engagement in recovery activities, addiction is progressive and can result in disability or premat …

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