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Spring Tips To Develop & Maintain A Healthy Lawn

Spring Tips To Develop & Maintain A Healthy LawnSpring is just around the corner and, if you don’t give your lawn the attention it needs, you may be missing out on the opportunity for your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood.  Power raking, aerating and fertilizing are the three vital spring services that make a world of difference in the health and appearance of your lawn.

Power raking, also known as de-thatching, is the removal of all of the dead grass that has accumulated over the last year.  When you de-thatch your lawn you are essentially removing the build up that is the breeding ground for fungus and pests. This could potentially destroy your lawn if it remains untreated.

Aerating involves using equipment that perforates the soil in your lawn with small holes letting oxygen into the root system.  Think of aerating like the re-potting of a plant. When a plant’s root system outgrows its pot, you need to either plant it in a larger pot or dig up the plant and remove some of the roots so they have room to grow.  Your lawn is similar.  When the root system becomes too tight and compact it affects the ability to absorb water and nutrients thus smothering your grass and making it more susceptible to pests, fungus and drought.

Fertilizing your lawn is one of those things that, if not done properly, can ruin your lawn.  So often homeowners find themselves in a panic because their lawn has been burned from using too much fertilizer and they need a professional to fix the problem.  The only solution is to wait until some of the fertilizer has been absorbed and then go through the process of reseeding, which can be very costly.  The simple solution is to call Mattingly  Landscape to take care of the fertilizing before you are in the same situation. Fertilizing regularly builds a strong root system which defends it against drought and foot traffic.

Performing these three services can lead to a healthy, happy lawn and a happier you!

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