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Sleep Outfitters Offers Tips for Investing in the Right Mattress

Sleep OutfittersEvery July 4th we celebrate the independence of our great nation with parades, picnics, fireworks and mattress sales. Wait a second, how did that last item get in there?

Big sales have become as much a part of America’s extended holiday weekends as red, white and blue bunting. Retailers figured out that American’s with an extra day tacked on to their weekend might just have time for shopping they otherwise put off. Groceries and gas we need weekly, but purchase of big-ticket items, such as furniture and cars, requires more research and consideration – they take more time. Voila! Along comes the three-day weekend, and more time.

On such weekends, we at Sleep Outfitters see lots of customers come through our doors who haven’t been mattress-shopping in eight to 10 years (and, frankly speaking, quite a few who have been sleeping on their mattresses longer than that). And when you consider that everyone who walks through our doors has his or her own unique story to tell about why they’re there, this business of retailing becomes infinitely more interesting.

From the young couple looking for a guest bed to the senior citizen who is sleeping in pain, they have a problem, we have the solution — that is, if we can get the customer matched with the right mattress.

People who have not shopped for a mattress in eight to 10 years are sometimes intimidated by the technology of wrapped coil springs, memory foam, gel, zero gravity adjustable foundations, and all the innovations that help people sleep better. However, as detailed in the March issue of this publication, Sleep Outfitters associates are trained to fit customers for the mattress that is right for them, depending on the customer’s need.

In the final analysis, the right mattress is the one that feels right to the customer, provided it is well constructed and durable. That sounds simple, and in many cases it is a simple process: find that mattress that feels right to you and take it home (or have it delivered).

Except that there’s often that little piece of paper that keeps catching your eye while you’re testing mattresses and envisioning how they would look and feel in your bedroom.

It’s the price tag.

The entire time you’re learning about the new technology, you’re glancing at the new technology price and thinking, “Yeah, this feels great, but can I afford it?”

Forgive this old sales nugget, but consider your purchase an investment. We spend (or should) one-third of our lives sleeping. If we sleep well, the waking two-thirds of our lives are more productive and satisfying – we get more out of life.

So, you’ve found the new mattress set that is most comfortable to you, that promises to ease that neck, back or leg pain and allow you to sleep, or will help alleviate your partner’s snoring or tossing and turning. How, then, do you afford it?

First, look for the sales, like the big holiday events. Sleep Outfitters is currently offering a king-sized mattress for the price of a queen on four select Sealy sets. If you wake up with leg bruises from sleeping with a physically active partner and need to get out of range, this event could be for you.

Also, look for national manufacturer promotions, especially around long holiday weekends, such as July 4th and Labor Day. Mattress makers, such as Sealy and Tempur-Pedic, often offer hundreds of dollars in limited-time savings during these periods.

Check the store’s financing options. During big holidays, Sleep Outfitters offers financing plans up to six years (72 months) with no interest charges. There are shorter terms, of course, depending on a customer’s budget and financing needs.

There are also options for those who may have problems with their credit, or who have not been able to establish good credit yet.

Another way to make that mattress purchase affordable is during floor model and discontinued model sell-offs. When a new mattress line is coming in, stores must make room. That means selling off the stock on our floors, and in our warehouses, at deep discounts.

Constant innovation in manufacturing technology makes today’s mattresses more comfortable, more supportive than ever. Adjustable foundations allow you to raise and lower the head and foot of the bed to relieve pressure where it is needed, to align the spine, neck and hips for pain-free (or at least reduced-pain) sleeping. Those same technological advances are seen in today’s pillows, the “bed for your head,” that account for a substantial 20 percent of a good sleep equation.

So, whether you require a night of restful, restorative sleep in order to take on the competitive challenges of modern life, or you’re resting up from a lifetime of hard work, finding the right mattress at the right price is essential. In addition to some of the cost-saving suggestions offered above, Sleep Outfitters makes this price guarantee – find a mattress you purchased from Sleep Outfitters at a lower advertised price within 120 days of your purchase and Sleep Outfitters will refund you 120 percent of the price difference.

We all sleep. Why not sleep well?

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