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Sleep Like a King

Sleep Outfitters Details Benefits of Upgrading to King size

By Adam Turner

Sleep Like a KingSleep needs space. There are aspects of your life where frugality and moderation are undeniably virtues. Few will debate the benefits of sticking to a healthy diet, committing to a regular workout routine, or following a reasonable budget. They’re pillars of a life well lived! Sometimes in life, however, bigger is better and less isn’t more. All the options can feel a little overwhelming when it’s time to pick your next mattress, but it’s actually quite simple: When it comes to sleep, more is more. Why not sleep like a king? Why not sleep ON a king?

Many of us overeat and many of us overspend, but it’s rare for someone to oversleep. It’s usually the opposite, in fact. Too often in our modern world do we fail to give sleep its time of day. We’re trained to see sleep as a weakness, as laziness, as something to be triumphed over. We brag of our all-nighters hard at work, our early morning risings and late nights on the town. On the contrary, sleep is something to be embraced and invested in. Just as “you are what you eat,” in many ways, you are how you sleep. Whether we want to or not, we spend roughly a third of our lives asleep, a stunning fact to stop and consider. And the quality of your night is tied directly to the quality of the day ahead. Sleep touches all of your life: your work, your eating habits, your romantic interests, your friendships, your health, everything. Sleep lasts.

Yet despite all of that, we don’t get nearly enough. More than 1 in 3 Americans are underslept, a borderline national health crisis with little being done to address it and little hope of that changing. It’s the nature of our economic beast. By upgrading to a king-sized mattress, though, you can begin to amend it.

But why go King at all? It all boils down to space. Sixteen inches of it, to be precise. If you share your bed with a partner, that is eight extra inches per side of unexplored land to plant your flag on and claim as your own. That is eight extra inches per side of padding between you and a jarring midnight crash on the floor. That is eight extra inches per side of room to stretch, sprawl, turn, and sleep.

A King-sized mattress gives you options where you once had few. Feel like cuddling with your bedmate? Let’s hope so on a Queen! On a King, you can start your night in romantic embrace and gradually drift apart to more peaceful positioning as you drift off to sleep. On a King, you can comfortably fit a couple of pet dogs, cats, or gerbils, if you’re so inclined. On a King, you can even squeeze a child or two with you when the lightning is loud and the monster is under the bed, delivering them to your room fast. You’re more likely to sleep undisturbed with more space, alone or with a partner, and more likely to stay comfortable throughout the night.

And with a split king, which is actually two Twin-XL mattresses sharing a king frame, even further customization (comfort-ization?) is possible by allowing each partner to choose their own mattress design, their own comfort level, and, on an adjustable base, even their own positioning and elevation. They say to never go to bed angry at your loved ones. Well, this just might be the ticket.

Worried that it might take up too much space? This could actually be a benefit. Philosophically speaking, having a King-sized bed communicates every time you are in your room that you’ve chosen to make consistent, quality sleep a priority in your life. It’s a constant, decorative, substantial reminder of your commitment to living a healthier lifestyle, like a well-stocked fruit bowl in the kitchen or prominently displayed running shoes by the door. The idea may feel indulgent to you, but when it’s healthy living you’re indulging in, that’s called practicality. “Splurge” away. (Just make sure to use a tape measurer first!)

Take the opportunity to reevaluate your bedroom. It’s likely you could be sleeping better. You’re building a kingdom of sleep in your bedroom. Give it the royal treatment.

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