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Out with the Old, In with the New

Out with the Old, In with the NewHas your house been on the market for a while? Have you had a few or absolutely no bites? OK, it’s the beginning of spring and you need something to make your house stand out: Your home needs a spring cleaning. For greater peace of mind that your home is worthy of numerous competitive offers versus none at all, it is time to make a few changes:

First Impressions Are EVERYTHING.
When did you last sweep up the corners of your overhang? Has your front door become tarnished with mold or mildew? Clean it up! If you’re in a condo, call maintenance. If you’re in a house, do it yourself or enlist a housekeeper. If you’re in high-rise with a private foyer, add a motion detector light so the lights come on as your guests step off the elevator. (Great thing to do in walk-in closets, as well!) When the key’s in the door, remember: First impressions are key.

Nothing beats a fresh coat of paint.
The easiest and most affordable way to spruce up any home is to give it a new coat of paint. Use neutral tones. Beiges and tans may sound boring, but they allow people to picture their possessions in the space much more easily. Create a space that the buyer can move right into with little to no effort. If it’s between your freshly painted home and your neighbor’s home that desperately needs a paint job, which one will buyers be more likely to be interested in?

Go Green!
Have you not gotten to the dying plants? Did you mean to do it next week? Stop wasting time: This week is last week’s next week! Go out into your yard and tidy things up! No yard? Add something natural to your entrance to enhance your home, be it a lovely wreath, a welcoming potted plant… perhaps even a mini potted herb garden to showcase your cook’s kitchen.

Ask the Professional!  
Ask your real estate agent to walk around your home and give you first-hand insight on how to make a difference. A great Realtor® will instruct you: If your faucets have corroded, change them out; If your lamps are dull, add new light bulbs or change the shades; If your dining room chandelier dates back to the Brady Bunch era, install a simple and attractive one from this year. It’s time to invest in what is quite possibly your largest investment so that it will sell quickly. When it’s your home that’s on the market, it’s imperative to stop thinking of it as your home, and start thinking of it as a product. Nothing sells quicker and easier than a product that’s updated and attractive.

Do people know how great your home is?
There is no better excuse for people to see how beautiful your home is than a good time.  Did you just update your kitchen or change out the baths? Let people know! Invite all your friends and family over for an Easter brunch (or for a birthday or an anniversary) and showcase your home. Whatever the occasion is, it won’t matter.

You’ve got people inside and they will inevitably talk about how beautiful your home is. Then you can ask them if they know of someone who may want to buy it.

Also, make sure to invite the neighbors! They may know just the right person who has wanted to move into your neighborhood but couldn’t find the right house.

“Out with the old, in with the new” is by no means a new concept. When it comes to listing a home, it’s always best to err on the side of impressive, fresh, new, clean, uncluttered, and green. Let’s get those new owners into their new home!

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