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Millions of Satisfied Customers Worldwide Discover a Pain Relieving Device with Proven Results

Coach Jimmy K

Millions of Satisfied Customers Worldwide Discover a Pain Relieving  Device with Proven Results   Tired of weekly doctor’s visits and dealing with pain until your next appointment? Are you looking for a proven, natural, noninvasive and drug-free alternative to aid with your health conditions? Look no further, the DENAS PCM6 device is available to you at the Denas Pain Relief Store. This device is designed to address pain, promote energy, and speed up healing using a natural pain-free approach. The DENAS PCM 6 device can take care of those issues helping you repair, heal and restore naturally.

DENAS PCM 6 is a superior advanced SCENAR device that is a compact portable solution that fits in your hand at home or on the go.  No special medical education is required for effective use of the device. Denas technology helps you overcome  acute or chronic health issues and restore body’s lost functions from conditions that started years ago. The DENAS PCM 6 has many natural healing capabilities without the use of drugs.

Denas delivers when others fail.
The DENAS device uses a mild electrical signal that’s placed over a person’s skin on areas of pain. The dermal nerve receptors in the skin send these signals through the central nervous system to the brain.  The neuro-electrical impulse mirrors the body’s natural nerve signal so the body accepts it as organic and natural which explains the rapid and effective results.The brain reacts by releasing neuropeptides natural healing and regulatory substances, including some of the strongest known painkillers such as endorphins. It differs from TENS machines, because it encourages the body to heal itself, whereas TENS uses electrical signals to temporarily block pain signals from reaching the brain.

40 years of clinically proven results
While the FDA has approved SCENAR for muscle re-education, bio-feedback, and the treatment of pain. Russian physicians have long used SCENAR to treat virtually all organ systems: musculoskeletal, nervous, digestive, pulmonary and cardiovascular. With over forty years of published research and proven results in hospitals and clinics throughout Russia, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Russian experience demonstrates SCENAR effectiveness in close to 90% of all patients treated, with full healing noted in two out of every three patients, and significant improvement and recovery in the rest. DENAS SCENAR is now available so you can enjoy the benefits of this affordable pain relief device that is Drug free, safe & effective.

Recommended by Chiropractors
Hi I just wanted to drop a quick thank you to Coach Jimmy K. The products his store offers and the superior service is unparalleled. Denas products are world renown for quality and innovation. Feel confident in your purchase from Coach Jimmy K. I have used these products with great success in my practice. I also teach Acupuncture and these devices are great for acupuncture without needles. These products are excellent for practitioners and easy to understand for personal use at home. They work great, provide amazing results and save the Doctor’s time.

Dr. Timothy Ramos Sr, BS, DiHom, LAc, FIAMA, DC
– Alabama

The Vertebra 2
– Worlds Most Advanced Device for Chronic Back Pain & Injuries Utilizing 48 separate electrodes the Vertebra 2 pulses random frequencies into the spinal vertebrae while continually reading the body’s  reaction through a biofeedback program. This helps release neuropeptides and endorphins that helps the body repair internal issues without the use of drugs or invasive surgery. The  perimeter electrodes work to help internal organs to regenerate, repair and return to a homeostasis balance. There are 5 different programs to choose from and is user friendly for both professional and personal use. Praised by Chiropractors and Acupuncturist worldwide for the amazing results they have achieved using the Vertebra 2.
OMI PEMF Therapy a Healthier Body
Oxford Medical Instruments (OMI) PEMF Therapy System is an affordable home use and professional device. This system utilizes the same pulsed electromagnetic field technology as the more expensive systems like the Medithera, QRS, Bemer and IMRS2000 and is just as effective at a fraction of the cost thus saving you thousands of dollars over the other PEMF companies that pay MLM distributors high sales commissions. (OMI) PEMF Therapy Systems are available as a Full Body Mat, PulsePad or Therapy Ring.

Benefits of PEMF
Magnetic fields are also known to stimulate the acupuncture meridians and are even more beneficial than the therapy itself. They can stimulate the endomorphins & bring about hormonal changes in the body. Magnetic fields cause a lot of activities occur simultaneously at the cellular levels within the body. However, even the body decides the activity that needs to take place immediately and ignores the rest. The body decides what needs to happen within the body and what not during the healing process.

The magnetic fields offer several benefits to the body during the treatment process. They reduce the muscle tension, stimulate the immune system, improve circulation, improve the cell function, detoxify the body, improve sleep, enhance the rate of nutrient uptake, balance the endocrine systems, balance acupuncture meridians, reduce stress, reduce inflammation and also regenerate tissues within the body.

For more Information about The OMI PEMF Systems and the DENAS PCM 6 call Coach Jimmy K and staff at 503-395-4142.


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