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Massage Therapist Settles Back Into Bexley  

Massage Therapist Settles Back Into Bexley  Brenda Brown isn’t your every day massage therapist. Her career history, including working at Ohio Health for 28 years, has been a major factor in the unique and customized treatments she provides for her clients.  She wants her clients to be their best both physically and mentally. Because of this philosophy, Brenda offers affordable health maintenance services that include weekly, monthly and senior discounts.

Brenda has close ties with the Bexley community. Even though she has traveled outside Bexley throughout her career, she is excited to be back.  Brenda has her own private practice in Bexley, providing Medical and Therapeutic massage therapies.  As a Registered Nurse and Licensed Massage Therapist, Brenda has comprehensive education and experience that combines traditional medical knowledge with advanced medical and therapeutic bodywork modalities.  This unique combination enables her to work with people facing a wide variety of specific medical and physical challenges.

The individual, direct care aspect of massage therapy maintains the connection of health and healing that Brenda enjoyed in the nursing profession.

Brenda’s practice serves patients coping with a wide variety of pain management needs, including injuries, sports injuries, musculoskeletal and postural dysfunctions, pre and post-surgical edema and discomfort, headaches, migraines, neck pain, ankle pain, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, tarsal tunnel, rotator cuff, etc.  In addition to helping individuals cope with pain management needs, Brenda also offer spa massages to relax the mind and body, along with holistic massages.  And if you don’t have time for an hour massage, Brenda offers 20 minute chair massages.  These 20 minute chair massages can be beneficial for anxiety, depression and withdrawal from addiction.

Recently, Brenda began certification training with Dawn Lewis for Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique (SMRT).  This technique is a series of passive contractions that allow therapists to release muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue quickly, easily, and with little pain to the client.  Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique (SMRT) SMRT is a positional release modality that interrupts pain signals in the body, painlessly resolves trigger points, has an incredibly calming effect on the nervous system, and is highly stimulating to the lymphatic system.

Brenda says, “I have enjoyed 21 years of endless training, practice and care of my clients by offering results as a norm (not an exception) and I am preparing my table hopefully for you.

Brenda Brown, RN, LMT, LLC
Nurse Massage Therapist

2700 E Main St., Bexley, OH 43209