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LMHS Youth Summer Camps Provide Education and Fun

LMHS Youth Summer Camps Provide Education and FunEach summer, Licking Memorial Health Systems (LMHS) medical professionals present several camps providing local youth the opportunity to learn about various health topics including asthma, cancer and diabetes, along with additional information concerning how to stay healthy.  The camps also provide an opportunity to participate in active play with other youth.

Camp Feelin’ Fine
In early June, Camp Feelin’ Fine helped local children care for their asthma – a condition that inflames and obstructs the airways in the lungs –  with an annual day-long agenda comprised of educational games and activities.  Approximately 40 children attended this year’s event on June 3 at Infirmary Mound Park, south of Granville.  During the camp, youth participated in activities to further asthma education, help manage their symptoms and provide an opportunity to interact with others who also have the illness.  Licking Memorial Pediatrician Richard A. Baltisberger, M.D., and members of the Licking Memorial Respiratory Therapy Department taught participants ways to avoid common “triggers” of an asthma attack, such as pollen, strenuous exercise, dust and pet dander.

The Respiratory Therapy Department at LMH is staffed with state-licensed respiratory care professionals who work under the direction of a physician and assist with the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with pulmonary disorders.  Acute attacks, in which airflow is severely restricted, can be life-threatening if left untreated.  Symptoms of an asthma attack can include: coughing, irregular or labored breathing, wheezing, frequent clearing of the throat, and chest tightness.  If a child who has not previously been diagnosed with asthma exhibits these symptoms, consult a pediatrician or family physician for a complete evaluation.

Camp Courageous
On July 15, youth, ages 7 to 12, who have had an encounter with cancer – whether personally or through a close friend or family member – are invited to attend Camp Courageous, a day camp with a superhero theme designed to reduce stress and anxiety due to the uncertainties of the disease.  D’Anna N. Mullins, Ph.D., M.D., of Licking Memorial Hematology/Oncology, will educate participants about cancer, hand washing and nutrition.  Children are encouraged to imagine their own superhero and create a variety of crafts to represent the hero.  The event schedule also will include healthy snacks, numerous activities, water games and a presentation on overcoming fear.  To register for Camp Courageous, please call Licking Memorial Hematology/Oncology at (220) 564-1890.

Camp A1c
On July 29, LMHS will offer Camp A1c, a one-day camp comprised of dinosaur-themed fun activities and educational presentations focused on diabetes.  Youth participants will spend the day engaging in games and discussions to learn more about diabetes, manage their carbohydrate ratio and insulin use, and interact with others who also have diabetes.

Diabetes is a long-term health condition that causes high blood sugar and inadequate insulin levels in the body.  A patient’s body either does not make adequate levels of insulin, or their body does not respond well to insulin.  Those with diabetes must ensure proper blood-glucose levels and follow a special diet.  The most common symptoms of diabetes include: unusual weight loss or gain, disproportionate thirst, cuts and bruises that don’t heal properly or quickly, and numbness in the hands or feet.  If a child who has not previously been diagnosed with diabetes exhibits such symptoms, consult a pediatrician or family physician for a complete evaluation.  Please call Licking Memorial Community Case Management at (220) 564-4915 to register for Camp A1c.

All summer camps will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Infirmary Mound Park.  The camps are free, however, space is limited and registration is required.