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LMH Patient Portal Allows Patients to Manage Health Care Conveniently

LMH Patient Portal Allows Patients to  Manage Health Care ConvenientlyThe Licking Memorial Hospital (LMH) Patient Portal is an online tool that allows patients to manage their health care safely, securely and conveniently.  Whether at home, at work or on vacation, the LMH Patient Portal (https://My.LMHealth.org) can be accessed on a computer, smartphone or tablet using a web browser.  The Patient Portal also offers an app that may be downloaded to a personal mobile device.  Users should search “Meditech MHealth” through the Apple App Store and Google Play, download the app and then search for Licking Memorial Hospital.

LMH requires patients and proxies to complete and sign an Authorization for Patient Portal Access form, which gives LMH consent to create a unique Patient Portal account connected to a personal email address.  This form may be completed during an inpatient stay, outpatient appointment or by visiting the LMH Medical Records Department and providing valid photo identification.  Proxy access to medical record information is available with consent.  This allows caregivers to view and manage the health information of minors under 18 years of age or elderly relatives.  If an individual is a proxy for children or aging parents, legal power of attorney or legal guardian, the system provides quick and secure navigation to their health information on the Portal.

“At the heart of what we are trying to do is provide patients with the opportunity to manage their health and have direct access to their health information,” explained Director of Health Information and Hospital EMR Applications Diana Ermlich, RHIA.  “The Patient Portal allows patients and families to take charge of their health and wellbeing.”  Portal users are able to access results for laboratory tests, radiology reports and other procedures immediately after the results have been finalized.  Through the Portal, access is offered 24 hours per day, seven days per week, without the need to call or visit the Hospital.

Current available features include:
•Health summary
• Medical conditions (upon discharge)
• Visit history (with summary)
• Allergies
• Medications (with instructions)
• Laboratory results
• Reports (Cardiology, Radiology, etc.)
• Educational instructions

Patients may begin by placing an enrollment request and creating a log-in ID and password.  The system then safely and securely matches a patient with their health information.  Once this step is complete, the LMH Patient Portal is available on any smartphone or other device with an Internet connection.  Once logged in at https://My.LMHealth.org, easy-to-read icons will allow users to quickly navigate through their own personal health information securely.  An icon displaying a red dot indicates that a user has new information in his or her medical record.  Another valuable feature is the section with hyperlinks to information on specific lab tests, located within the Resource Website section.  This feature enables users to learn more about each test and better understand the results.

Since the LMH Patient Portal became available for patients to use in May 2014, over 10,000 people have enrolled in the system, and approximately 6,831 have completed the log-in process.  “Approximately 68 percent usage in such a short amount of time is fantastic to see,” said Clinical Applications Analyst Nemili Johnson, M.M.I.  “Even though it is a relatively new system, we are seeing more and more patients becoming interested in being an advocate for their healthcare.”  Nemili noted that accessing these results is empowering patients to take an active role in their health and have better discussions about their health care with their physician.

Patients have shown a major interest in accessing their lab results and reports, which also can be viewed through a historical perspective over the previous five years.  “For example, if a patient has had cholesterol levels tested over the past few years, he or she would be able to view the trends in levels from each visit to compare results,” Nemili said.  She explained that several reports can be accessed, and patients are able to easily print this information in order to provide it to specialists or providers to which they have been referred.

The LMH Patient Portal uses encrypted passwords and other security measures to prevent unauthorized access.  Medical record information in each account only can be accessed by authorized users.  LMH protects the privacy of its patients and only uses email addresses to create Patient Portal access and to send notifications of new activity on each account.

For assistance or questions, please contact a Patient Portal Specialist by phone at (220) 564-4030, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (except holidays), or email at PatientPortalQuestions@LMHealth.org.  Users also may click on the “Patient Portal Questions? Click Here!” link found on any page of the Portal for assistance.  Please contact your primary care physician with all medical questions.

MHealth App Provides Mobile Access to Medical Records

The LMH Patient Portal also now offers an app, available through the Apple App Store and Google Play, which allows patients faster mobile access to their medical records.  The Meditech MHealth app provides a secure, direct and streamlined connection to health information via personal mobile devices.

Interested users should search, “Meditech MHealth,” download the app and then search for Licking Memorial Hospital.  Patients use their existing Patient Portal logon ID and password to view their data.  The app may be used to review lab results, medical reports, discharge medications, discharge instructions, and secure messages regarding after care, healthy living and special events happening at LMH.

With MHealth, numerous key features make it easy for patients to connect to the Meditech Patient and Consumer Health Portal.

• Portal Selector:  MHealth’s Portal Selector allows patients and their family members to easily locate LMH’s Meditech Portal, and launch the connection with a single tap.

• Intuitive and user-friendly:  Upon opening MHealth, the user is immediately connected to the Meditech Portal — no need to launch a browser and search for a bookmarked link.

• Streamlined web view:  MHealth provides the web browser functions needed to navigate the Meditech Portal for a smooth, streamlined user experience.