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We utilize the latest technology and advancements in Dentistry such as Digital xrays, entire mouth panoramic views, 3D head and skull scans in order to diagnose and treat your conditions in the most efficient and effective way. We offer the convenience of same day crowns and same day emergency care. No matter if you need a simple “cleaning”, new crown or bridge or more complex procedures our doctors and staff promise you the best possible care and pleasant experience.

General services we offer include:
• Teeth cleanings
• Oral cancer screenings
• Teeth whitening
• Non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease
• Fluoride treatments
• Preventive sealant applications
• Mouthguards for sports and outdoor activities
• Same day crowns
• Root canals
• Extractions
• Complete and partial dentures
• Full implant services
• Teeth grinding and TMJ solutions
• Composite (tooth color) fillings
• Sleep Apnea appliances

In many cases braces don’t have to be cumbersome brackets and wires. Invisalign is the clear alternative for adults and teens.

If clinically indicated, a series of clear aligners will be custom made for you. These aligners not only are almost invisible but also are removable so you eat, drink and brush and floss your teeth with ease.
Certain restrictions apply so give us a call for a consultation.

We will be happy to review your case and advise you for the best treatment options.

Oral Surgery
All of our dentists perform oral surgery procedures on a daily basis. For the most complicated cases an associate oral surgeon specialist comes to the office regularly. A thorough consult precedes all procedures and our patients are treated in the same office with the same familiar staff providing care.

Such specialized procedures include:
• Wisdom teeth extractions
• Implant placement
• IV sedation

Sedation Dentistry
Around 20% of Americans are afraid to go to the dentist because of fear and/or anxiety. At Hopewell Dental Care we understand and strive to provide quality care along with compassion, patience and humility.

Our doctors believe that everyone deserves dental care and fear and anxiety shouldn’t be in the way, therefore we offer various types of sedation procedures customized to your anxiety level and to medical conditions.

• Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) – It has been used in dentistry for many years and it has been proven not only to reduce anxiety but also create sense of euphoria “well being”. It is generally very well tolerated and you don’t need to be accompanied by a caregiver, as its effects are completely reversible minutes following the procedure.

• Oral Conscious Sedation – Medication taken orally is prescribed prior to the appointment. While you are awake and conscious your senses are dull and you don’t feel pain, hear noises, etc. You need to have someone to accompany you and be with you during your appointment.

• IV Sedation – Medication is administered directly into the blood stream and while awake you don’t feel or are aware of the procedure. After the procedure you may feel sleepy and “groggy” and that is why you must have someone with you during the appointment.