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Giving Thanks for Our Donors

Giving Thanks for Our DonorsLicking Memorial Health Systems (LMHS) and its subsidiary, Licking Memorial Hospital (LMH), proudly offer state-of-the art technology and services to the community. Many national- and state-level awards have acclaimed the high quality of care at LMHS and LMH, including Truven Health Analytics’ 12 separate designations as one of the 100 Top Hospitals® in the U.S. As LMHS Vice President Development & Public Relations Veronica Link explained, the Health Systems’ success can be credited, not only to excellent patient care, but also to steadfast support from the community. “LMHS’ physicians and services rival the best hospitals in Ohio,” Veronica stated, “but the warm partnership that we share with the community definitely enriches our organization. Much of LMHS’ strength is based on community members’ trust to provide their families’ care, and the community’s enthusiastic support given through gifts of their time and finances.”

Every contribution to Licking Memorial Health Foundation (LMHF), whether large or small, is important to the quality of care at LMH. The Foundation has developed a variety of giving programs for the convenience of those who would like to support the Hospital, and the Honorary and Memorial Giving Program is one of several options available. In the first 10 months of 2017, the Foundation received eight honorary or memorial gifts.

Honorary and memorial contributions allow donors to support LMH while honoring or memorializing a friend or relative. Some families request charitable contributions in lieu of flowers for funerals, and many have paid their respects in this manner. Honorary donations also provide special recognition to living individuals. Honorary and memorial contributions are listed with the honoree and donor names in the Giving Log located in the Main Lobby of the Hospital, the LMHS Community Connection magazine and the LMHS Annual Report. The honoree, or their family members, are notified by mail that a gift was received in their honor. Directing the donations of interested friends, family and colleagues to the Hospital can be a fitting way to remember family members while giving back to the community.

“Our patients often comment that LMH is unusually advanced for a community hospital. We are able to achieve and maintain this level of excellence because of our gracious donors who want to uphold the level of health care in Licking County. Their contributions allow LMH to focus resources on maintaining state-of-the-art technology and services while still offering amenities, such as comfortable furnishings, beautiful décor, fountains and landscaping features. We are so grateful to our donors, because these extra details greatly enhance our patients’ healing experience,” Veronica remarked.

Commemorative bricks, part of the Paving Our Future Campaign, create a distinctive, elegant impression, and are a unique way to offer lasting recognition for a family member, special friend or organization. Offering a personalized tribute, the beige bricks are available with the option of two sizes and are located in the front circle, the John and Mary Alford Pavilion walkway, the Cardiac Rehabilitation walkway and the employee entrance walkway.

LMHS, a not-for-profit organization, reinvests revenue over expenses back into the Hospital for the ultimate benefit of the community. Gifts may be designated for a specific department, service, facility or piece of equipment.

However, unrestricted gifts allow the money to be used where the need is greatest. Contributions received in 2017 benefit the Family Practice and Urgent Care facility located in the Gerald K. McClain Building in Downtown Newark, dedicated in February. No contributions are used to pay for operating expenses, salaries or other expenditures.

There are many ways that families and the business community can come together to support LMH. Donations are a fitting way of remembering their loved one’s legacy, and advancing the community’s health care at the same time. All charitable contributions to LMHS and LMHF are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Donations are used for capital expansion, renovation projects or equipment needs. For more information about charitable giving, please call the Development Department at (220) 564-4102.


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