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Finding Peace Among The Storm

Finding Peace Among The StormThen they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress. He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed.  Psalm 107:28-29

“I need a working volcano…by tomorrow!”

“Dad, I volunteered you to referee my football game on Saturday.”

“Hello, Mom…Can you pick me up from school? The nurse says I have a fever.”

“Can I have my friends over tonight?”

“Oops I forgot to tell you that I need 20 bucks today for our field trip.”

Does this all sound too familiar? As parents, we are acquainted with many of these requests from our children.  Now that the kids are back to school, life can be crazier and more challenging than ever. Juggling schedules and the demands of a new school year can be taxing.

Perhaps you no longer have children living at home. The demands on your time might instead be caring for elderly parents.  Who can take them to doctor’s appointments?  Should dad still be driving?  Will mom remember to turn off the oven?

Even if your family life is running smoothly (for now) it might be just the opposite in your work life.  Are you being given extra responsibilities without extra pay? Staying late – again?  At odds with a coworker?

How do we find peace among the storm of life’s demands?
We find it the way the disciples did when they were in the quell of a storm:  we call upon the power and graces of Jesus Christ…and we do it today!  Sometimes, we tend to let the storm rage too long before we ask for the guidance of Jesus.  We allow ourselves to get to the point where we are weary, cranky, frustrated, and just plain tired.  Jesus can help us put life in perspective much better when we ask before we get to the end of our rope.  Calling on His mercy and love throughout the day will help — like when we’re boxed in behind the slow driver on the highway or when we’re in a long line at the grocery store.  Slowing our time down to thank Jesus for the small victories and, yes, even the trials we have endured throughout our day can give us a different perspective on the demands asked of us.

We are called to be like Jesus: to serve and not be served.  When we think about the demands put on Jesus on His way to Calvary, the request for the two dozen home-baked cookies for next day’s bake sale doesn’t look quite so challenging!

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