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Do You Speak Teen? New Sexting Lingo Every Parent Needs to Know About

By Millie Stubblefield

Do You Speak Teen? New Sexting Lingo Every Parent Needs to Know About Every generation of teenagers has created its own special language. From the groovy teens of the 1960s to the gnarly young people of the 1980s to the phat teenagers of the 1990s, every new generation has its own unique lingo. I have to admit though, I never dreamed in a million years that parenting my two current teenagers in 2017 would require the need to learn a “phone language” as well!!!

Young people develop their special languages for a number of reasons, but one goal is to stay a step ahead of their parents. When teenagers are able to communicate between themselves, they can remain hidden from the prying eyes of their elders.

That might be fine when the communication is benign, but these days, the language barrier between parents and teenagers carries some significant dangers. Teenagers have done stupid and ill-advised things as far back as anyone can remember, but the modern world presents some pretty unique challenges.

While the dumb things teens did in the past were often forgotten by adulthood, things are much different now. The permanence of the Internet and the emergence of tough new laws can turn a youthful indiscretion into a permanent roadblock. I tell my kids they need to live as though they are on camera for the world to see at all times. And, unfortunately, with nearly everyone now owning a cell phone, it is basically true!

Breaking down the generational language barrier has never been more important, and many parents are already brushing up on their texting lingo and learning what all those mysterious letter combinations really mean.

These days, even the most technologically ignorant parents probably know what WTF and LOL mean, but teens are always looking for new terms, and new ways to stay one step ahead of their ever watchful moms and dads.

Arguably, the most important part of teen lingo are the terms associated with so-called sexting. This dangerous combination of texting and sexual images and pictures can create serious, and potentially lifelong, consequences, and the more parents know about it the better.

Since many states consider sexual images of teenagers to be child pornography, a single image could destroy the life of the young person for decades to come. Even if the image in question is of their own body, the teen in question could find themselves in real legal jeopardy. The best way for parents to fight back is by educating themselves. Learning the most current sexting lingo can give worried parents the heads up they need.

In the end, this knowledge could help parents stop their sons and daughters from doing something they will later regret. Here are some of the newest forms of sexting lingo, so keep an eye on your teens’ smartphones and other devices.

If you spot any of these codes on your teens’ devices, you might want to have a serious chat. Young people often fail to grasp the serious implications of the decisions they make, and it is up to their parents to teach these important life lessons. Talking to your kids now could stop a fleeting indiscretion from turning into a lifelong problem.

. GNOC – Get Naked on Cam
. GYPO – Get Your Pants Off
. GNRN – Get Naked Right Now
. PAW – Parents Are Watching
. PIR – Parents in Room
. 8 – The number 8 may not seem like a big deal, but some teens use it as code for oral sex
. Cu46 – See You For Sex
. IWS – I Want Sex
. RUH – Are You Horny?
. NIFOC – Naked In Front of Computer
. YWS – You Want Sex?
. RU18 – Are You 18?
. CD9 or Code 9 – Adult Around