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CONQUER YOUR FEAR OF WATERMiracle Swimming for Adults, Inc. is perhaps the only organization with the technology to end preventable drowning worldwide.  Virtually all drowning is preventable.  The unique contribution Miracle Swimming for Adults, Inc., brings to the Aquatic industry is its technology for teaching adults to swim who are afraid in the water, as well as children who have “fallen through the cracks”.  We are fortunate enough to have a certified instructor for this course, Nila Little with Discovery Swim School, right here in Columbus!

There are numerous instructional agencies since the 1900s that have been successful on a grand scale with relatively non-afraid students. Miracle Swimming for Adults, Inc., is the only organization that’s been extremely successful on a grand scale with afraid adults.

Sixty-four percent of American adults are afraid in deep open water.  Forty-six percent are afraid in deep water in pools.  Their fear was kept alive by not knowing how the water works, not knowing how to prevent panic, swimming lessons that are too advanced for them, and not knowing how to heal from a frightening experience that happened long ago.  Being afraid of the water is okay.  It may have been embarrassing, inconvenient, disappointing and limiting for you and perhaps you’ve felt shame about it.  There’s nothing wrong with fear, however, it simply gets in the way after a while.  Discovery Swim School can give you freedom from this fear.

When you learn to ski or ride a bike, drive or rollerblade, there is one thing you want to know which, when learned, makes you feel safe.  That is, how to stop.  In swimming lessons, no one ever realized that people want to know how to stop too.  Stop their arms and legs?  No.  Stop themselves.  Stop themselves from swimming? No.  Stop themselves from panicking.  This is what we teach you so you will overcome your fear.  As one student put it, “it cannot and does not fail.”

The water is a friendly place.  At least it’s neutral!!  Perhaps you’ve had experiences that led you to believe it’s threatening, or that it’s unwise to trust it.  In the Discovery Swim School course, we won’t try to convince you that water is one way or another.  You can depend on it to do what it naturally does.  All you need to know is what it does, and what you are doing.  This comes predictably and naturally when you start at the beginning and skip no steps.

Knowing what you’re doing and being in control in the water means being quiet enough within to feel signals… signals such as how your body feels, how much air you have, or your buoyancy.  In this class, you will proceed slowly so that you can feel these signals.

For success in this course, we trust you to do only what’s fun for you.  Stay comfortable.  Do what you want to do and don’t do anything you don’t want to do.  You’ll learn more, and sooner if you keep having fun.  You are a natural, curious learner.  Besides, sometimes it’s more fun to take a risk than to not take one!

If you and/or your child has a fear of swimming, call today (614-450-0061) to get registered for our next course–August 23-27.  We offer flexible scheduling.  If these dates don’t work for you, please call and we can give you dates of upcoming courses.

NILA LITTLE – Licensed Miracle Swimming Instructor
I believe that we all enjoy major milestones in our lives at the appropriate time. Some realize their dreams when they are young and others flourish at an older age. Life as we know is short. Making the most of the years we are granted is a matter of being ourselves.

My love for swimming started at a totally different period of time for me than the majority of the population. I didn’t grasp the fulfillment of swimming until I was over 50 and with that being said, swimming has opened up more doors and avenues than I ever imagined – from the fitness end of it to the pure enjoyment of it.

I am a firm believer that if you truly desire to accomplish a goal, that there is nothing in your path that you are incapable of handling. If you take pride in your accomplishments and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way, your time will come. Shake those tail feathers and you will find others who appreciate you because you are willing to take the first step.